Wildlife Photography Exhibition – Jan Riley (August-September 2023)

It’s been a while since we’ve had a photography exhibition in our cafe and this one is a most refreshing comeback. Once again we are able to showcase some of our area’s skilled talent with Jan Riley’s gorgeous photographs. Witness the beauty of nature in its smaller scales through Jan’s extremely well-timed macro photos.

The exhibition will be on display until 29th September 2023

In her own words:

Jan is a keen amateur wildlife photographer and naturalist based in Ceredigion, where she lives on a smallholding with her husband and rescue dog, and from where several of the images included in this exhibition were taken.

All photos have been taken in accordance with the Royal Photographic Society’s ‘Nature Photographer’s Code of Practice’ – a set of guidelines whereby the welfare of the ‘subject’ and their habitat is always prioritised over obtaining a photo.

Proceeds will be donated towards the British Trust for Ornithology’s ‘Avian Bird Flu Appeal’, which aims to study the disease’s impact on wild birds, help to safeguard bird populations, and assist with the recovery of species the disease has devastated in recent years.