Wildlife Photography Exhibition – Jan Riley (August-September 2023)

It’s been a while since we’ve had a photography exhibition in our cafe and this one is a most refreshing comeback. Once again we are able to showcase some of our area’s skilled talent with Jan Riley’s gorgeous photographs. Witness the beauty of nature in its smaller scales through Jan’s extremely well-timed macro photos. The […]

An Exhibition of Watercolours by David Martin – April to May 2023

We are excited to bring you an amazing exhibition of work in watercolours by local artistic genius, David Martin. The works are depictions of our beautiful Ceredigion landscapes and harbour towns, misty mornings and setting suns – all those special places we flee to when we get the opportunity to savour a rare afternoon. With […]

Art in the age of Artificial Intelligence – an exhibition of work made with A.I. by Andy Teasdale – March 2023

This month’s artistic excursion has been produced by our very own Andy Teasdale. You may have noticed recent hype surrounding A.I. art generators and the furor that it has brought to the artist community – some have embraced it while others have filed lawsuits. Andy decided to grab it by the teeth and produce a […]

Art Exhibition by Melanie Ainsbury – December 2022

Throughout December 2022 we are hosting the detailed works of Melanie Ainsbury. This will be our 2nd showing of Melanie’s work, but this is her first full exhibition with us. Many moons ago Mel ran a tattoo parlour on Lampeter’s Harford Square. People would travel the length and breadth of the country to be adorned […]