Art Exhibition: Symmetry by Alisha Teasdale (July/August 2023)

From 10th July until 18th August we are hosting a fresh exhibition from our very own Alisha Teasdale. Normally spotted on stage as a dancer or prepping your lush Mulberry Bush salads. Alisha is currently studying a contemporary dance degree in Falmouth but when Alisha hangs up her dance shoes in the evening she unwinds with her art.

The works are all hand drawn digitally and all exhibit forms of radial symmetry producing a hypnotic effect similar to the tradition of mandalas, but with her unique bold and graphic styling. The prints have been brought into stunning reality by Lampeter’s own Y Stiwdio Brint.

In her own words:

I have created a series of digital works using symmetry lines. I started working on these a year or so ago on my iPad. I use an app that allows me to have radial symmetry lines from 3 to 16, most of my pieces have a radial symmetry of 16, however some vary (this means how many segments are in the circle). What I enjoy in my pieces is the level of detail, especially the larger pieces. My intention is that as a viewer you can look at them for ages and keep finding something new. 

I am not an artist, I am in fact a dancer. This is my first exhibition, I just draw as a hobby and over time I have gathered enough pieces to consider exhibiting them – quite an achievement in my eyes. I’m really pleased with how they turned out! I hope you like them and consider making a home for one of them in your space.