Rag-Art Recycled Art Exhibition – March 2024

Through the month of March our cafe will be host to a wealth of forgotten and discarded items reimagined through the talent of local artist Sue Clow into works of great beauty. Sue weaves her work with textile scraps, food wrappers, lost toys, broken electronics and anything else. She creates tableaus of meaning often with […]

Art on Troubled Waters – an exhibition of Poetry & Art – Jan 2024

This month we are very pleased to be able to host a unique venture by a group of artists hoping to raise awareness about the current pollution problems with our beautiful Avon Teifi. The exhibition is a collection of works depicting the beautiful vistas and wildlife encountered along our local waterways. This is the second […]

Wildlife Photography Exhibition – Jan Riley (August-September 2023)

It’s been a while since we’ve had a photography exhibition in our cafe and this one is a most refreshing comeback. Once again we are able to showcase some of our area’s skilled talent with Jan Riley’s gorgeous photographs. Witness the beauty of nature in its smaller scales through Jan’s extremely well-timed macro photos. The […]

Art Soup @ Lampeter University

A new art exhibition will be on display featuring some of our favourite local artists, many of whom have exhibited here at the Mulberry Bush and featuring David Martin who is currently exhibiting here at Mulberry Bush Cafe. Grab your chance to catch them all in one place. _________________________ Have you heard that Lampeter is […]

An Exhibition of Watercolours by David Martin – April to May 2023

We are excited to bring you an amazing exhibition of work in watercolours by local artistic genius, David Martin. The works are depictions of our beautiful Ceredigion landscapes and harbour towns, misty mornings and setting suns – all those special places we flee to when we get the opportunity to savour a rare afternoon. With […]

Art in the age of Artificial Intelligence – an exhibition of work made with A.I. by Andy Teasdale – March 2023

This month’s artistic excursion has been produced by our very own Andy Teasdale. You may have noticed recent hype surrounding A.I. art generators and the furor that it has brought to the artist community – some have embraced it while others have filed lawsuits. Andy decided to grab it by the teeth and produce a […]