We’re having a Booja Ice Cream Party! Saturday 5/8/17

Yes indeed folks! We have teamed up with the fabulous Booja Booja to give you some FREE ICE CREAM! You heard us right.

From 1 pm on Saturday 5th August we will be handing out free pots of Booja Booja ice creams, but we have a limited supply so be sure to get there in good time, 1st come, 1st served.

booja-booja-logoIf you haven’t heard of them yet, Booja Booja are the creators of insanely gorgeous dairy free & vegan chocolate truffles and ice creams. The ice creams are made with a base of creamed cashew nuts and sweetened with agave, so good they are almost not even naughty…

And just for good measure, we will also be giving out samples of some of their award winning chocolate truffles.

See you there…